We Operate Along the Fringe

Fabled Games are a team of wizards born in Adelaide, Australia and are passionate about games that aren't entirely mainstream.

We believe that fostering strong connections with friends and loved ones, away from digital devices, is crucial in nurturing good mental health and getting maximum enjoyment out of life.

A great way to do this is through tabletop gaming. Losing yourself within a world unexplored and untamed. Adventure with friends in a Roleplaying game such as Pathfinder, or within a Board Game like Wingspan.

One of our great passions and greatest escapist hobbies is Trading Card Games, which we have plenty, such as: Magic the Gathering, Flesh & Blood TCG & Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Come and see what you'll find and enjoy the magic!

Meet the Magical Wizards


The head Wizard-in-Chief is there to answer all of your inquiries and oversees all operations within the Wizard's Tower. When he's not powering up his Mana you'll usually find him playing some Pokémon with his friends, birdwatching along a nature trail or skateboarding (barely falling over).

Favorite Game: Arkham Horror LCG


Our Red Mage in-training is someone you will see at all of our conventions throughout the year. When she isn't helping out around the Wizard's Tower she can be founding Tattooing some cute cottage core cats and frolicking under the autumn leaves.

Favorite Game: Pandemic

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