Glyphic Blind Bag (Series 3) Full Box

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All gamers love dice and Level Up Dice’s Glyphic Blind Bag Series 3 has crazier and more wonderful dice than ever before! Glyphic Blind Bag Series 3, containing 50 brand new designs, is their most unique and beautiful collection ever!

Each collectable, luxury d6 is also available in an ultra-rare, ionized ‘foil’ version, and rumour has it that there are also some super-secret chase dice… Gamers from all walks of life will love collecting, trading and rolling Glyphic Blind Bag Series 3.

  • 50 all new glyphic designs, created specifically for this series.
  • Multiple themes within the range to collect.
  • Each die is a finely-crafted D6 from Level Up’s range of semi-precious stones and crystals.
  • Four levels of rarity – including a foiled version of every design (over 100 in total!)

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