Infinity - Djanbazan (Sniper) Haqqislam

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According to Islamic mythology, each believer is escorted by four Hafzas (or Hafazas), guardian angels that protect him from the influence of the devil. In the army, an officer has a duty to his men, and is responsible for the lives of the soldiers in his charge. He must decide who takes the risks, who sacrifices themselves and who stays safe. His decisions will take his men to victory and safety or to defeat and death. To be able to fulfill such a compromise, natural talent and the highest preparations is needed. Therefore, all the members of the Hafza Unit are graduates from the prestigious Military Academy of Al-Khaafidif. The training they undergo is the best, and also the most expensive. Known for their leadership qualities and their tactical flexibility, each Hafza is ready to take the most diverse group of soldiers and turn them into an efficient combat force. Haqqislamite soldiers know they can rely on a Hafza, who will never ask of them something he wouldn’t be willing to do himself. But for this to work, the Hafza officer has to remain in combat with them, in the front line, where he is most vulnerable. To the enemy, the Hafzas are valuable targets. Since their inception, the mortality rate of this unit’s members was too high to guarantee its continuity, so they were trained to disguise their appearance with the use of identity-obscuring technology. Now a Hafza could be anyone in an attack force, but what is sure is that he will be there, hiding from everyone’s sight while directing his men to victory and glory.

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