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everything you need to get started playing Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game, portraying your own characters on action-packed
escapades through the Four Nations! Weave tales of self-discovery and action with your team of friends, and work with legendary
heroes like Fire Lord Zuko to bring balance to the world!
This set includes…
• 32-page booklet of condensed rules
• 40-page introductory adventure booklet featuring The
Pirates of Crimson Sails set in the era of Avatar Aang,
and The Burning Fuse set in the era of Avatar Korra
• 10 engraved dice featuring Tui and La
• 21 combat action cards
• 10 illustrated pre-generated character sheets
• 6 rules reference sheets
• A large full-color map of the Four Nations
• A unique code to unlock a full digital version
of the Avatar Legends RPG Starter Set 

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